Little Ones Love Baby Songs | Cartoon Nursery Rhymes & Animation |Kids Learn Colors & ABCs with Toys

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Little Ones Love Baby Songs | Cartoon Nursery Rhymes & Animation |Kids Learn Colors & ABCs with Toys

  • Kids Songs & Baby Rhymes Compilation for Children to Learn Fruit Names, Colors, ABC Alphabet, Numbers, Shapes & More with Catchy Melodies & Learning Toys that Toddlers Love.
    Apples Are Yummy (3D) 00:04
    Super Circus 3D Blue Car Jump 02:24
    ABC Water Wow Writing the Alphabet (Letter A) 02:58
    Alphabet Phonics Song (3D) 04:11
    Super Circus 3D Monster Truck 07:18
    Learn Colors Hand Body Paint Finger Family Nursery Rhymes 08:00
    The Paint is Pink (3D) 09:01
    Play Doh Alphabet Lesson (Letter B) 11:05
    Wheels on the Bus (3D) 11:54
    Paint Mixing (Pink) 13:38
    Colors Chant (3D) 13:57
    I'm a Little Teapot (3D) 16:00
    Alphabet Balloons (Letter C) 18:52
    Play the Alphabet on the Piano (3D) 19:20
    Play Doh Numbers Spaghetti (Number 1) 21:13
    Five Little Monkeys (3D) 22:02
    Learn Colors with Street Car Garage (Yellow Car) 24:00
    Super Circus 3D Monster Truck 25:11
    Island Shapes Groove (3D) 25:45
    Learn Colors Surprise (Yellow) 28:45
    Ever Blink ABCs (3D) 29:34
    Numbers Tea Set (Number 2) 32:00
    Super Circus 3D Red Car Jump 33:24
    Count to 10 (3D) 34:05
    Play Doh Surprise Eggs with Shapes & Bus Toy (Blue Eggs, Batman) 35:43
    Paint Mixing (Orange) 37:11
    Humpty Dumpty (3D) 37:22
    Colors of the ABCs (Letter D) 40:00
    Finger Family Sharks (3D) 41:19
    Stevie Steamer 3D Counting Fruits (3D) 42:20
    Super Circus 3D Green Car Jump 45:38
    Groundhog Hammer Bench 46:17
    Pink Car Song (3D) 47:06
    Kids Learn Alphabet with Toy Bus 48:00
    Princess 123s ""Baby I Love You"" (3D) 49:47
    Super Circus 3D Kid's Olympics 52:23
    Play Doh Colors Spaghetti (Pink) 52:44
    Itsy Bitsy Spider (3D) 53:46
    Windmill Stackeroo Teach Colors with Wooden Toy 56:00
    Baa Baa Black Sheep 57:36
    The Orange is Orange (3D) 58:32
    Alphabet Balloons (Letter E) 01:01:03
    Super Circus 3D Kid's Olympics 01:01:54
    Sing to 10 (3D) 01:02:25
    Family Song (3D) 01:04:00
    Play Doh Alphabet Surprise (Letter F) 01:05:53
    Old MacDonald Had a Farm 01:07:00
    Paint Mixing (Green) 01:10:29
    Counting Shakers 01:10:42
    Sing the Alphabet (3D) 01:12:00
    Learn Colors with Baby Bath Time 01:13:50
    Animal Sounds Song 01:15:08
    Learn Colors with Xylophone Finger Family 01:17:40
    Super Circus 3D Yellow Car Jump 01:19:24
    Play Doh Color Cars Surprise (Purple Car) 01:20:00
    ABC Song Alphabet Balloons 01:20:56
    Days of the Week (3D) 01:21:50
    Play Doh Alphabet Lesson (Letter G) 01:24:23
    Five Little Ducks (3D) 01:25:17
    Watch Me Fish (3D) 01:28:00
    Super Circus 3D Kid's Olympics 01:30:22
    Learn Colors with Street Vehicles (Purple) 01:30:50
    Red Bus Wait for Me (3D) 01:31:34
    Surfing the ABCs (3D) 01:34:13
    Play Doh Alphabet Surprise (Letter H) 01:36:00
    Red Circle Blue Circle (3D) 01:37
    Busy Beavers TV Show Theme Song 01:38:49
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